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Why Survival Life Association?

Our mission is to provide you the resources to be prepared for any survival scenario, to protect your rights, and family. Our promise is to keep you informed for any and all survival situations. We will provide you with the news, knowledge, resources, and access to be be able to protect yourself and your family.


Everything You Are Missing!

Even with the best planning, it's what you're MISSING that could leave you stranded, dead in the water, and defenseless. We have you covered inside SLA.

Execution Plans, Checklist, Guides, and Instructions

Gain access our library vault of checklist, guides, how to's, and video trainings. Articles, alerts, online and downloadable resources.

Private Member Benefits!

Including a members only store with pricing below retail on all your survival needs. A private facebook group, live events/ trainings, and much more.

What's The Next Step?

Get Your membership to Survival Life Association and I'll send you a FREE copy of the Survival Guide and Checklist Booklet and MORE!!
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Survival Life Association Today!
An Association for Beginners and Experts
  • We have checklist, guides, trainings online and downloadable. Brought to you from the field.
  • Members Only Live Events covering tactical training, combat simulation, and more. Conducted by elite men of our Armed Services.
  • Private members forum.
  • Weekly columns and article insights on Survival.
  • Threat Alerts of civil unrest, terrorism, attacks, collapse, or other potential disasters.
Members Only Discount Survival Store! 
20,000+ Name Brands
  • Long Term Food
  • Survival Seeds
  • Bug Out Bags
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Gear, Tactical, Bags, and Cases
  • Plus email and phone support to get you the best pricing.
An Inside Look Of The Survival Store
From The Desk of Randy Schrum, Founder

Dear Survivalist,

I know what its like to wonder if you have prioritized correctly. If you invested the time and money in the right things first. Wondering is their something I am missing that will make all the preparation I have done for nothing. We also know what it feels like to not have piece of mind and to be looked at like a crazy person for wanting to prepare.

You are not alone and our community shows that with over 18,000 followers and growing strong! We are the best kept secret in the survival space.

We have you covered!

Survival Life Association has developed the essential checklist you need to evaluate if you are ready. What you need to do to be ready for any disaster along with providing you the training to address the gaps online and downloadable.

PLUS, upcoming LIVE events and training in the field.

We haven't stopped their, through our group purchasing power we have secured some of the best deals on over 20,000 Survival related items.

The Association has so much more. For now read the details on this page and join us in the community ASAP before time runs out. 

Potential for civil unrest, terrorist attacks that cripple infrastructure, economic collapse, and more are at all time highs. 

You can't afford not to be ready.

In this together,

Randy Schrum

Plus get FREE an 11-1 Survival Pocket Tool, Survival Checklist Booklet, and Survival Gardening Booklet when you become a member.
Community Forum- 
Connect, Learn, and Discover Like Minded Members.
Stay connected and alert with our community. 
Together we are more powerful and can look out for one another.
Our members only Survival Store alone could be worth the price of membership. Saving you thousands potentially each year when you purchase long term food, bug out bags, emergency supplies, and more.

It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!
Get Your Membership to 
Survival Life Association Today!
Plus get FREE an 11-1 Survival Pocket Tool, Survival Checklist Booklet, and Survival Gardening Booklet when you become a member.
Satisfaction Guarantee and you may cancel at anytime.
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